Instalog is a security start-up with a mission to revolutionize online authentication

Role: fullstack + devops + project management
4 months

Instalog offers an innovative technology that allows to login into website without passwords by just using your mobile phone and a QR code.

As as software engineer, I've panned and implemented the whole backend infrastructure.

Technologies and tools used:

  • AWS
  • Terraform to setup AWS
  • Puppet to configure servers
  • Docker (and docker swarm) to create server clusters
  • PHP (and symfony) for the API
  • Vue.js for the public web areas

Created also documentation and various SDKs for Symfony, Laravel, Node.js

The goal

The goal of Instalog is to change the way we think about authentication. No more passwords and usernames. Just scan a QR code with your phone and you are logged in.

This approach has many advantages from the usability and from the security point of view.

No more passwords to remember, no more stolen passwords. Many other improvements can be added on top of it as automatic logout or geo-limited login.

The big picture

My responsibility was to implement the whole backend infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure, backups, high availability, redundancy, API, logging, VPNs, management control panels and so on.

From the development point of view there was a fully automated build-and-deploy pipeline that was able to automatically deploy the code to live without a single human action.


This project has been a great technical achievement with a fully automated flow, documented and highly scalable.

php, nginx, postgres, aws, symfony, docker, puppet, terraform, authentication

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