Here you can find a collection of ready solutions for the most common problems I've met in my career.

By purchasing the offered solutions you will gain an unlimited access to a repository containing the source code solving a specific problem.

All the available solutions include the complete source code and README that explains how the solution is structured and how to run it. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

jms/serializer with custom error codes

  • php,api,json,rest,serializer,xml,symfony

Pre-configured Symfony 5 application with jms/serializer-bundle enabled with custom error codes for a JSON API.

Multi-namespace migrations with Doctrine

  • php,database,doctrine,symfony

Symfony 5 application with doctrine/migrations 3.0 enabled. The application is able to automatically discover and run migrations provided by some bundles. This solution is ideal if you are building a system based on plugins/extensions as a CMS. Dependencies are resolved by introspecting composer.json.

Continuous integration with CircleCI

  • ci,circle-ci,continuous-integration,devops

Complete CI-Pipeline setup for CircleCI. Contains a skeleton of .circle-ci.yml that allows you to build docker images, run tests and automatically deploy your application with one click on CircleCI.

Puppet 6 cluster setup

  • puppet,provisioning,server,cluster

Complete configuration for a Puppet 6 cluster, Including a preconfigured set of recipes and a flexible module structure to add custom client configurations. The Puppet server is dockerized and the clients can be any Puppet-compatible operating systems.

Symfony 5 REST API

  • php,api,json,rest,doctrine,symfony,hateoas

Pre-configured Symfony 5 application to serve as a RESTful API including Authentication, HATEOAS, Versioning and content-negotiation.

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