Software Architect

Asmir Mustafic

PHP and DevOps expert

I'm Asmir Mustafic, I'm a Software Architect and I'm currently located in Berlin.

I work mainly on PHP projects, helping companies to solve architecture and infrastructure problems.
This includes requirements analysis, planning, implementation, coaching and maintenance.



Software is the foundation and one of the direct contributors of a successful businesses. I can participate actively to build what is necessary for your product.


Infrastructure is about the tools that you need to run your application. I can help you to setup a modern technology stack that will be able to evolve with your business.


The right set of workflows is fundamental for a successful business.
Agile methodologies and its application are trivial, I can share my experience with you.


Learn the most efficient ways to solve your technical problems and unlock new business opportunities.
Team workshops or one-to-one sessions to leverage the technology in order to achieve productivity.


A fast application is equivalent to happier customers and consequently higher conversion rate. I can analyze and solve the performance bottlenecks of your application.


Every business is different and needs ad-hoc solutions.
Receive a personalized solution for your business.

Latest Talk

  • API with boring code and Symfony
  • Symfony User Group - Berlin - Germany
  • 2017-8-23

Code is Bad, more code is worse. This talk will show how is possible to build a rich API but with a minimalist approach from the code point of view.
Expect from this talk a guide on how to build a RESTful (Level 3) API with Symfony in less than a week and with less than 10 lines of code per action.

Recent projects

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Happy Customers

A selection of customers
Mladen Stific
Mladen Stific CTO - Germany

Asmir helped us to setup successfully our continuous delivery pipeline

Roberto Fantuzzo
Roberto Fantuzzo
Mercurio Sistemi Srl CEO - Italy

Asmir contributed for more than 10 years to the success of my company

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