How to add custom error codes to your Symfony API responses

  • 2016-9-12
  • php, jms-serializer, json, serialization, symfony, symfony-form, error-codes, api, custom-error

When writing APIs, a proper error handling is fundamental. In this tutorial we will see how to add custom error codes and machine readable to your Symfony API responses using the FOS Rest Bundle and the JMS Serializer

Deserialization, normalization, validation and the JMS Serializer

  • 2016-8-21
  • php, jms-serializer, json, yaml, xml, serialization, deserialization, symfony, symfony-form

Serializing can be a not trivial process, but when talking about de-serialization, the problem is even more difficult. The source data (XML or JSON) can be not well formatted, well formatted but not valid or valid syntactically but not valid in our domain. Dividing deserialization, normalization, validation is fundamental.

The way to the goetas-webservices/client release

  • 2016-10-4
  • php, xml, soap, webservices, rest

After many years of work, finally I have released a fully PHP based SOAP client up to date with the latest best practice.

Some notes about JMS Serializer (plus v1.3.0 release)

  • 2016-8-21
  • php, jms-serializer, json, yaml, xml, serialization

It is almost a month that I started as maintainer of JMS Serializer and today I'm proud to announce the release v1.3.0 of JMS Serializer that contains many bug fixes and the new method "hasData" for generic serialization visitors (JSON/YAML)

Available as Software Architect and Consultant

  • 2016-8-10
  • software, consultant, php

Starting from September 2016 I'm available as Software Architect and Consultant. Mainly PHP applications, infrastructure setup, deployment process and workflow management.

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