I have more than 15 years of experience in application development, mainly PHP based stacks. I have worked with a large variety of applications that goes from small websites to big e-commerce applications or complex CRM systems.

Depending on your business model, stage and need, there are may be some areas where I can contribute to your company success.


Software is the foundation and one of the direct contributors of a successful businesses. I can participate actively to build what is necessary for your product.


Infrastructure is about the tools that you need to run your application. I can help you to setup a modern technology stack that will be able to evolve with your business.


The right set of workflows is fundamental for a successful business.
Agile methodologies and its application are trivial, I can share my experience with you.


Learn the most efficient ways to solve your technical problems and unlock new business opportunities.
Team workshops or one-to-one sessions to leverage the technology in order to achieve productivity.


A fast application is equivalent to happier customers and consequently higher conversion rate. I can analyze and solve the performance bottlenecks of your application.


Every business is different and needs ad-hoc solutions.
Receive a personalized solution for your business.

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