Software Architect

Asmir Mustafic

PHP and DevOps expert

I'm Asmir Mustafic, I'm a Software Architect and IT Consultant, currently located in Berlin.

I work as freelance consultant, helping companies to solve architecture and infrastructure problems,
this includes requirements analysis, planning, implementation, coaching and maintenance.

I'm also an active open source contributor and occasional speaker.
On the web I am also known as "goetas".


I provide a variety of services covering the whole software life-cycle


I can support you in analysing the requirements and making the necessary technology decisions to create the right software architecture.


I can develop custom applications implementing your product ideas following a process of continuous delivery.


I can maintain your existing application or perform a migration to an up to date platform ensuring always visible business results.


I can share my experiences, helping you to find innovative and exactly tailored solutions for your business challenges.

Upcoming talks

Berlin PHP User Group - Berlin, Germany

Discover what are Bloom-Filters and how can they be used for big data computation

ExpoPHP 2019 - Ostróda, Poland

This is a walk-trough on how to build a rich, RESTful (Level 3 including HATEOAS) API for web applications. The result will be a standard, documented, validated and easy to maintain API that users will enjoy and developers love to build.

Probabilistic data structures are based on different hashing techniques and provide approximate answers with predictable errors. The potential errors are compensated by the incredibly low memory usage, query time and scaling factors.

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Happy Customers

A selection of customers
Roberto Fantuzzo
Roberto Fantuzzo
Mercurio Sistemi Srl CEO - Italy

For more than 10 years Asmir contributed to the success of my company

Mladen Stific
Mladen Stific CTO - Germany

Asmir helped us to setup our continuous delivery pipeline and to deliver features in less time with less bugs

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