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Asmir Mustafic

PHP and DevOps solutions

I'm Asmir Mustafic, I'm a Software Architect and IT Consultant, currently located in Berlin.

I work as freelance consultant, helping companies to solve architecture and infrastructure problems,
this includes requirements analysis, planning, implementation, coaching and maintenance.

I'm also an active open source contributor and occasional speaker.
On the web I am also known as "goetas".


I provide a variety of services covering the whole software life-cycle


Work together with your team and solve your day-to-day challenges.


Custom software development and legacy application maintenance.


PHP and DevOps trainings for more scalable business solutions.

Latest Talk

  • Building Modular Architectures
  • PHP Yorkshire 2019 - University of York, UK
  • 2019-04-13

Often the functionalities added to an application are independent-enough but they end up anyway in the main code base increasing the code size, complexity and coupling. A common strategy to raise application maintainability and extensibility is to have external plugins/bundles/modules keeping the application core as smallest as possible.

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Happy Customers

A selection of customers
Roberto Fantuzzo
Roberto Fantuzzo
Mercurio Sistemi Srl CEO - Italy

For more than 10 years Asmir contributed to the success of my company

Mladen Stific
Mladen Stific CTO - Germany

Asmir helped us to setup our continuous delivery pipeline and to deliver features in less time with less bugs

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