JMS Serializer - serialize/unserialize data from/to PHP

This library allows you to serialize/deserialize data of any complexity. It supports XML, JSON, and YAML.

XSD2PHP - Convert XSD into PHP classes

Convert XSD into PHP classes, and serialize/unserialze instances from/into XML

HTML5-PHP - Manipulate HTML5 using PHP DOM

  • contributor/mantainer
  • 4 011 671 downloads
  • php, xml, html, html5, dom, sax-parser, query-path, open-source

An HTML5 parser and serializer for PHP

Doctrine 2 - Object Relational Mapper

The Doctrine Project (or Doctrine) is a set of PHP libraries primarily focused on providing persistence services and related functionality. Its prize projects are an object-relational mapper (ORM) and the database abstraction layer it is built on top of it

SOAP Client - php implementation of SOAP

PHP implementation of SOAP 1.1 client specifications

SOAP Reader - read SOAP definitions pragmatically

Read any SOAP definitions programmatically with PHP.

WSDL Reader - read WSDL files pragmatically

Read any WSDL files programmatically with PHP.

XSD Reader - read XML schemas pragmatically

Read any XML Schema (XSD) programmatically with PHP.

Twital - Template Engine

  • author
  • 3 188 downloads
  • php, xml, twig, template-engine, symfony, open-source

Twital is a plugin for Twig (a template engine for PHP) that adds some shortcuts and makes Twig's syntax more suitable for HTML based (XML, HTML5, XHTML, SGML) templates.

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