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  • software engineer
  • php, web, devops

A web platform that helps to keep track of the most important reports to file for your company


  • software engineer
  • php, web, devops

PINT, San Diego Web Development and Design


  • backend lead
  • php, nginx, apache, mysql, symfony, docker, legacy, image-recognition, dating, behat, ci

Free Dating platform


  • project management
  • project-management, planning, cost-estimation

LaCure offers booking services for luxury villa accommodations.


  • software engineer
  • php, couchbase, aws, symfony, docker, redshift, data, etl

SolidOpinion is a startup, that revolutionize the way comments can be used to engage users and produce value for publishers

  • founder / cto
  • php, symfony, postgres, angularjs

Collabout is a platform created to connect event organizers with partners that might be interested in sponsoring their events.


  • software engineer / ci-cd setup
  • docker, php, nginx, mysql, digital-ocean, laravel is a secure cloud platform to negotiate contracts in real-time.


  • software engineer / tech lead
  • php, zend, symfony

An online medium-long term apartment and room rental web platform.


  • co-founder / tech lead / product lead
  • php, postgres, symfony

Immobinet is a CRM for touristic apartments and rooms rental.

  • tech lead / product lead
  • php, xml, twig, template-engine, symfony

A competitor for hotel and apartment reservations.

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