Immobinet is a CRM for touristic apartments and rooms rental.

Role: co-founder / tech lead / product lead

Immobinet is a CRM for touristic apartments and rooms rental.

Suppose a company that has to manage 10, 20, 100 or 1000 properties; keeping tack of them, renting all of them, maximizing the earning per property is not an easy task.

Here comes Immobinet a specialized CRM to help landlords managing their properties. By managing, Immobinet allows you to keep track of guests, their reservations, make them offers, manage mailing lists, handle all the communications with the customers, allows intermediary landlords with commissions, allows complex pricing models, allows complex allocation and pre sale models common for big-scale tour operators, synchronizing data between personal website and the most popular online travel operators as or Airbnb and many many other features.

The software has been released and battle tested with a really large variety of companies and from small landlords (1-10 properties) to big tour operators (1000-5000 properties).

The technology

Immobinet is mainly a Symfony + PHP application, using PostgreSQL as database. It is a fully modular application with multiple independent components that can be installed on demand by each customer.

The codebase nowadays has more than 50 independent modules and approximately 500K lines of code.

My role

The business followed by Immobinet was a know market to Mercurio Sistemi (the company behind Immobinet), we just decided to tackle it in the most professional way and to do our best to deliver a product that each landlord or travel agency will love to use.

When the project started, I was responsible for the whole architecture, maintainability, speed of development, features and user experience of the product. I was also actively building (coding) the product it self writing most of the necessary features. Of course I was surrounded by a great team of founders, business experts that allowed to create the great product what Immobinet is now.

Few years later I've decided to continue my professional path in a different company, and Mercurio Sistemi continued to deliver the product in the excellent was as it always was.

I kept collaborating with Mercurio Sistemi in implementing features and promoting Immobinet.

Roberto Fantuzzo
Roberto Fantuzzo
Mercurio Sistemi Srl CEO - Italy

For more than 10 years Asmir contributed to the success of my company

php, postgres, symfony

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