LaCure offers booking services for luxury villa accommodations.

Role: project management

In collaboration with the rest of the company I have planed a transition from a legacy PHP3/4 codebase (including a complex CRM for the booking management and invoicing) to a modern PHP 7 application based on Symfony framework and its components.

The existing product

LaCure has a great portfolio of properties and customers. Managing in the best way that relation is fundamental for the success.

All the data are stored in a custom-legacy CRM and data are manually duplicated in a separate system to be displayed on the website.

The LaCure team was struggling to keep the two systems in sync. The CRM was also really user-unfriendly and was really difficult to add new feature necessary for the company growth.

The goal

In order to speed up the business development LaCure decided a big refactoring of the whole system.

The goal was to estimate and to plan te cost of a brand new system that should address most of the issues the previous system had. The new CRM should also implement many of the features were not present in the previous version of it and were continuously asked by the different departments (invoicing, integration with payments, emailing...).


The result was a detailed work plan for almost a year of development, with a detailed workload, necessary workforce and skills, cost estimation, technical solutions and implementation details.

project-management, planning, cost-estimation

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