I can share my experiences, helping you to find innovative and exactly tailored solutions for your business challenges.

Agile development

Agile software and product development is an iterative and incremental set of development methodologies. By developing iteratively and incrementally is possible to measure results in a more accurate way an to react faster when changes are necessary.

I can collaborate with you and your team in introducing some of the agile methodologies in your company.

I've worked for years in scrum and kanban teams, adopted TDD, eXtreme Programming and many other software development methodologies.

Teaching and workshops

If you are planning to use (or already using) some technologies that are not yet well known to your team or if you have some advanced topics that you are interested to leverage faster, I can introduce it to your company.

Speeding up the development process and avoiding obvious mistakes that are common in the early stages or when the application grows in complexity.

Some topics where I can help your company to be faster and better are:

Hiring process

Hiring the right candidate it is not an easy process. The candidate has to be tecnically wel prepared and culturally a good fit for your company.

I can assist you in assessing the technical part of the challenge by doing technical interviews or
preparing and reviewing technical tests. You will receive a detailed and an impartial report on the candidate results.


If you have already the resources to implement everything that is necessary to run your business, but you just want a second opinion on your strategy or you want to cover one area/skill that is missing, I'm available to analyze your infrastructure or software and give the feedback where necessary.

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