Work together with your team and solve your day-to-day challenges.

Requirements gathering

Gathering the all the relevant requirements for your application and doing the right planning is a step that can save years of development in some cases.

I can assist you in collecting the requirements necessary for your application and will make sure to use the most efficient representation of them in each step of the process and expressing them in an understandable languages by both developers and business experts.

I support you in breaking down the workload in manageable tasks and allowing an incremental delivery, continuously measured to ensure always a real business value for each task.

In the same way I can help to estimate time, costs and benefits of each task and feature allowing you to chose to deliver only what is really significant for your business.


Deciding the architecture of your system is a fundamental step that will impact significantly on many future decisions.

I can help you in understanding the consequences architecture decisions and to take the most suitable choices for the today's status of your business but not compromising possible technology evolutions or requirement changes.


When developing software, is necessary to continuously take decisions. Each new framework or library promises you to be the silver bullet for your problem.

I can assist you in deciding which technologies are the most suitable to solve your specific needs.


Balancing freedom, procedures, rules will make the difference for the efficiency of your team and will allow you to respond quickly to current and future challenges.

I can help you to establish the right set of rules when dealing with: Feature prioritization, Feature breakdown, Development workflow, Code review, QA process, Monitoring, SLA and Deployment policies and so on.

Agile development

Agile software and product development is an iterative and incremental set of development methodologies. By developing iteratively and incrementally is possible to measure results in a more accurate way an to react faster when changes are necessary.

I can collaborate with you and your team in introducing some of the agile methodologies in your company.

I've worked for years in scrum and kanban teams, adopted TDD, eXtreme Programming and many other software development methodologies.

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