A huge thank you to the people sponsoring my open-source work.

Here a list of people and companies sponsoring my work:

If you want to sponsor my opens source work, you can do it via my Githup sponsor program page. I'm maintaining open-source projects as:

  • jms/serializer: JSON/XML serializer
  • jms/serializer-bundle: Symfony integration for jms/serializer
  • schmittjoh/metadata: Generic metadata loader for PHP
  • willdurand/hateoas: HATEOAS implementation for REST APIs build with PHP
  • willdurand/hateoas-bundle: Symfony integration for willdurand/hateoas
  • hautelook/TemplatedUriRouter: Symfony2 RFC-6570 compatible router and URL Generator
  • hautelook/TemplatedUriBundle: Symfony integration for hautelook/TemplatedUriRouter
  • masterminds/html5: HTML5 parser and serializer for PHP
  • goetas/multipart-upload-bundle: Symfony multipart/related/mixed/alternative content type handler (rfc1341).
  • goetas/twital: Template engine build on top of Twig
  • goetas/twital-bundle: Symfony integration for goetas/twital
  • goetas/to-swift-mime-parser: Convert MIME mail messages to SwitfMailer instances
  • goetas/apache-fop: Apache FOP project integration for Symfony
  • goetas-webservices/xsd-reader: XML Schema reader
  • goetas-webservices/soap-reader: SOAP Schema reader
  • goetas-webservices/wsdl-reader: WSDL Schema reader
  • goetas-webservices/soap-client: Pure PHP SOAP client
  • goetas-webservices/xsd2php: XSD to PHP converter/serializer/deserializer

A complete list can be found here.

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